Top 5 Essential Oil Roller Recipes for Men

Top 5 Essential Oil Recipes for Anxiety

When I started researching natural approaches to coping with my anxiety and depression, I looked to essential oils and was absolutely stunned at the body’s reaction to extremely concentrated and pure forms.

When we inhale the aroma of an essential oil, it immediately kicks our body into action as its molecules travel through the olfactory system into our brain. From there, it can directly affect the many bodily reactions and systems, including emotions, memory, blood pressure and heart rate, breathing, hormones, and stress. One simple whiff of a concentrated essential oil can almost instantaneously trigger our bodies into action, causing the production of feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. After years of trying different pharmaceuticals with little to no success, I was excited to try something different. 

 These five blends have been my go-to’s for daily use when I’m feeling some kind of way. 

To make these essential oil roller blends, you’ll need:

  • 10 ml essential oil bottles with stainless steel roller balls
  • high quality essential oils (Need a hookup? Let’s chat!)
  • carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or almond oil
  • washi tape & a sharpie or alternative bottle labels

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, drop your essential oils into your roller bottle and fill to the top with a carrier oil and enjoy your new oil blend!

Calm the FcUK Down

10 Ylang Ylang

6 Orange

4 Black Spruce

4 Frankincense

Life’s A Beach

6 Lime

6 Bergamot

5 Patchouli

5 Cedarwood 

Hormonal Hot Mess

6 Sandalwood

5 Lavender

4 Frankincense

3 Geranium

Happy Heart

8 Grapefruit

5 Neroli

4 German Chamomile

3 Clary Sage 

Inner Peace

6 Ylang Ylang

4 Orange

4 Tangerine

4 Blue Tansy

3 Patchouli

Happy oiling!

Or the New Adaptiv System 


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